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Based on the classic comic strip, Gaston Lagaffe is the first film adaptation to be made since the 1981 unofficial attempt Fais Gaffe à La Gaffe! which was unsuccessful. This new take on Gaston was equally critically panned.

And yet, there is something refreshing about this film, especially after the disastrous Spirou & Fantasio's Big Adventures, another comic-book adaptation also released in 2018. For a start, there is a palpable effort being made here: the filmmakers appear to be familiar with the general idea of what Gaston is all about and certainly try to put it across as best they can. The cast, the costumes, character dynamics and many of the gags all feel appropriate, close enough to the comic strips, at least. The Spirou movie failed to even scratch the surface of what it should have been but this makes a valiant attempt and ends up having a good amount of charm.

Unfortunately, the jokes often don't land. Translating the mostly slapstick humor of the strips, and Franquin's iconic art style, was always going to be a challenge and, while this movie gives it its best shot, it doesn't quite hit the mark in terms of the humor. The script needed to be a lot sharper. There are some good lines and genuinely amusing moments, however, which should definitely be enough to keep younger viewers (and the young at heart) entertained. The special effects are also hit-and-miss and changing the setting from a magazine to a company that turns pointless items into useful ones will prove a bit jarring to those familiar with the comics.

Critics were unjustly harsh on this film. It really isn't bad. In fact, it's an endearingly silly and laid-back cartoon, much like Gaston himself. And, like Gaston, it's clever and clumsy in equal amounts so you might resist its charms for a little while, it'll annoy you a bunch, but it'll win you over.



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