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Jay Oliva


J.M. DeMatteis


Jason O'Mara

Yvonne Strahovski

Stuart Allan

Sean Maher

Morena Baccarin



After Batman Vs. Robin, DC delivered this animated sequel continuing the story of Damian Wayne but, this time, focusing less on this Robin's conflicted nature, instead introducing some new characters and having everyone face a powerful new threat.

The main addition is Batwoman (voiced by Ivonne Strahovski), a red-haired, openly gay vigilante who tries to help Batman before witnessing his death at the hands of bulky newcomer The Heretic. Nightwing is tasked with taking over the cape and cowl as Damian returns to Gotham after spending some time abroad. Batwoman soon joins them in their quest to figure out what happened to Batman and, when Lucius Fox is hurt by The Heretic, his son Luke also becomes an ally calling himself Batwing.


There's a lot going on in this movie and, like Batman Vs. Robin, the writing is good enough to keep you guessing throughout. In lesser hands, having this many main characters could have sunk the story and made it much too bloated but it works here.

Young Damian is not so much the main concern for once as the Bat-team has its hands full taking on this new villain. Other rogues that pop up during the course of the film include The Mad Hatter, Talia Al Ghul and Firefly. This is a somewhat more futuristic, action heavy continuation than the last movie but the fight sequences are as good as ever and the scale is ramped up quite a bit. As good as both Batwoman and Batwing are, however, they mostly just add muscle to the Bat-team and Bruce Wayne is barely in this movie so one wishes that it would have used this opportunity to tell an interesting Nightwing story for once but, like I said, this is a fun and intriguing enough movie to make it a worthy watch.

It may not be quite as polished as its predecessor but Batman: Bad Blood remains a really enjoyable Batman animated film and fans of the DC hero should have a great time with it. The last shot of the film promises yet another addition to the team but one wonders if that might be overkill.

Solid sequel.

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