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Pixar's big 2016 release was Finding Dory, yet another sequel to another one of their most popular movies. This time, it's forgetful Dory's turn to be found (figuratively speaking) somewhere beyond the sea, as she sets out to reconnect with her estranged parents.

Initially, a follow-up to Finding Nemo sounded like little more than another Cars-style cash-in but, watching the film, you quickly realise that its core plot actually does have potential. The idea that someone could forget their own parents is a heartbreaking one so Dory's journey does have some emotional weight to it. Dory being kind of a one joke character in the original film, it makes sense for this sequel to show the negative impact her short term memory loss has had on her life rather than constantly make light of it. Against all odds, this movie makes us care about Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) and her journey into the unknown. The action takes us to a Seaworld-style setting where our fish heroes are welcomed by Sigourney Weaver's friendly voice and a couple of typically territorial sea lions. Most of our time is spent following Marlin, Nemo and Dory as they get lost in various aquariums, try to track down the latter's parents and/or attempt to escape.

Most of what worked in the first film, surprisingly, works in this movie: the animation is gorgeous, the voice cast is very good and the story is both fun and has a lot of heart. The only thing missing is the sense of wonder that came with seeing Finding Nemo for the first time. In terms of originality, Finding Dory could have maybe gone with something a bit different than yet another cross-the-sea adventure to find a specific fish (or two) but it does a good job with it. Plus the film feels fresh enough thanks to most of it taking place in a new setting and the introduction of a bunch of new characters including a crafty red octopus voiced by Ed O'Neill and a near-sighted whale shark called Destiny. The best parts of this sequel are when the film is at its silliest or most heartfelt. The scenes in which we see Dory interacting with her parents are genuinely moving and the goofier stuff like when the octopus literally drives a truck is very funny so it all balances out pretty well.

This may not be the most memorable or iconic of all Pixar movies but it's a solid sequel well written enough that it keeps the charm of the original while telling a brand new story that's worth telling. Don't be put off by the fact it's a sequel, Finding Dory is a really enjoyable little movie.

Just keep watching!

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