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DC's latest attempt at getting fans and critics excited about their new cinematic universe is this very first Wonder Woman movie which, incidentally, received far more praise than the likes of Batman V Superman or Suicide Squad right away, thereby breathing some life into a thusfar shaky project.

Gal Gadot is back as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, the super-powerful, golden lasso-swinging Amazon, in this action-packed origin story which sees the iconic comic-book character leave her "Paradise Island" with American WWI spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in order to defeat evil. The film first spends some time establishing its mythology and showing us Diana's youth as she trains to become a warrior despite her mother's reservations, before the Amazon's world is invaded by German soldiers who have somehow stumbled on the hidden island. Diana works much better as a character in this movie than in Batman V Superman where she was shoehorned in with little rhyme or reason and we get to see different sides to her personality as well as the full extent of her powers. She is heroic, tough, smart yet naive and the scenes depicting Wonder Woman fighting enemy soldiers on the Front stand out as easily the best parts of this movie.

Like in Captain America: The First Avenger, the World War setting makes for an intense backdrop for a superhero to show off their skills and defeat a whole bunch of bad guys. Gal Gadot does a great job with the action scenes and the more comedic moments making Wonder Woman arguably the most likeable DC hero in this new super-franchise. Diana Prince's relationship with Steve Trevor is also one of the film's highlights as Gadot and Pine play off each other really well. It's a shame, then, that the script goes completely off-track in the film's mostly corny last act as the main villain finally faces Wonder Woman in a sea of smoky CGI and bad one-liners. There's far too much slow-motion throughout all the otherwise cool-looking action sequences constantly reminding us that we are still very much in the "Snyderverse" that once gave us the dire Man Of Steel. Lucky, this is still a much better effort and the DCU's most accomplished movie yet.

It's easy to see why this movie has been showered with praise since its release: it's fun, the action scenes are fab, it's the first ever Wonder Woman movie and that character is finally given the respect she deserves. The film itself is slightly underwritten and the ending could have been a lot better but, overall, it's an entertaining popcorn superhero flick.

Definitely see it.

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