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You may not remember this but prankster par-excellence Andy Kaufman once had breakfast with professional wrestler Freddie Blassie and filmed the whole thing turning it into a cult film of sorts.

My Breakfast With Blassie opens with Kaufman attending the premiere of the film dressed up like Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver and you're already in typically bizarre territory. Then we cut to him taking the bus to a cafe where he meets Blassie and they have breakfast. Of course, this being an Andy Kaufman film you can expect the entire thing to be a unique piece of performance art to a certain extent as the breakfast slowly but surely goes awry when Kaufman starts to get into arguments with the women sitting at the next table before hitting on one of them and, ultimately, having one guy throw up all over the breakfast table. The latter character being played by the comedian's right-hand man Bob Zmuda.

The idea of Andy Kaufman making a parody of My Dinner With Andre is already funny but the film still delivers and quickly proves to be a must for fans of the iconic comedian. The conversation Kaufman has with Blassie goes weird places to say the least and the former clearly has a great time, almost breaking character near the very end, playing the obnoxious guy like he used to do when wrestling women. You're never quite sure whether Blassie is fully in on the joke or not or if any of what they say was scripted or at least figured out beforehand but that only adds to the fun as Kaufman always enjoyed making the audience wonder about whether something was real or not.

This isn't so much a review as it is a recommendation: if you enjoy Andy Kaufman's particular brand of humour and you know the history of what led to this off-beat meet-up then you'll simply love My Breakfast With Blassie.

Trolling at its finest.

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