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Good Christmas specials are so hard to find these days. Most of my and your favourites are probably extremely dated by now. Luckily, here comes Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight! to save the day.

The animated feature takes The Avengers and sends them on a quest to find Jolnir, the legendary Santa Claus, before Loki does since his plan is to steal his powers of bending space and time. They travel to space using a portal built by Tony Stark and end up on a Christmas planet, because why not. Meanwhile, Thor and The Hulk stay behind on Earth to help fill in for Claus should he not be found. Rocket Raccoon and Groot, from the Guardians Of The Galaxy, are also involved as they land on the same planet and meet with Mrs Claus. The entire thing is, as you can tell, completely ludicrous but it doesn't take itself seriously at all, remaining tongue-in-cheek throughout.

In fact, Frost Fight! is surprisingly very funny: you've got Rocket Raccoon fighting Gingerbread Men, Groot turning into a Christmas tree, Iron Man staying sceptical throughout, Thor laughing his ass off at the prospect of finding Santa, Hulk getting into the Christmas spirit more than anyone else. It's frankly a riot and, even though the animation is pretty basic and very much in the vein of the old Saturday morning cartoon, the cast makes it work. Mick Wingert is particularly good at voicing Iron Man, his Robert Downey Jr. impression is basically flawless, and Troy Baker also captures Tom Hiddleston's mischievous Loki perfectly.

The film has enough laughs and enough action to keep kids and adults entertained as The Avengers fight Frost Giants and dinosaurs, train young new recruit Reptil and, ultimately, deliver presents with Santa. It's silly, it's absurd but it's charming as hell and, if you're a comic-book fan, it's likely to become your new favourite Christmas movie treat.


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