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The Justice League comes together in this animated feature which sees the likes of Batman, Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman join forces to take down Darkseid and his army of mutants who are planning to invade the Earth using portals.

If that sounds familiar it's because this is essentially the plot of the first Avengers movie. Swap Loki for Darkseid and it's basically the same deal except with DC characters. Which isn't a bad way to go, frankly, since it gives us an early glimpse at what the Justice League live-action movie could potentially look like, with added Zack Snyder foggy CGI, of course. The film kicks off with Batman investigating strange abductions in Gotham City as Green Lantern shows up to help and they are soon off to Metropolis to get Superman's take on the alien technology they picked up from one of the Parademons. Following an accident involving an alien box found by The Flash in Central City, a football player is turned into Cyborg and he joins the fight against Darkseid, who soon invades the city with thousands of his ghoulish warriors.

The scale of the film is appropriately epic with every hero getting their chance to show off their powers and it's all dramatic and action-packed enough to keep anyone entertained. Some of the highlights include Batman using good old fashioned detective work to save Superman (voiced by Alan Tudyk) from being turned into a weapon for the bad guys, Wonder Woman (voiced by Michelle Monaghan) going nuts for ice cream, Shazam (voiced by Sean Astin) acting immature throughout, the guys trying and failing to show-off in front of Wonder Woman and the gang slowly but surely using team work to blind Darkseid and ultimately save the day. Don't be fooled by the poster/DVD cover for this one as the animation looks nothing like that but it's still very decent. The action moves swiftly so you're not bored for one second, the voice acting is solid, as is the writing, and all the characters are really well depicted.

If the Justice League movie is as entertaining as this straight-to-DVD effort then we're definitely in for a good time. Here's hoping that the filmmakers take some inspiration from Justice League: War and keep things simple, light and, most importantly, fun.

Enjoyable DC fare.

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