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Will Ferrell stars in this Mexico-set Western comedy about a family of ranchers going head-to-head with a powerful drug lord.

The film is spoken entirely in Spanish, boasts a stylish James Bond-style opening title sequence with a catchy theme sung by Christina Aguilera and the cast includes Gael Garcia Bernal, Genesis Rodriguez and Nick Offerman. The film pokes fun at the tackiness of those overdramatic telenovelas and the result is kind of a tamer, not quite as humorous, if still effective Three Amigos. The film approaches its theme with gusto from the start and Will Ferrell doesn't short-change the filmmakers or the audience, giving a devoted performance (again, speaking Spanish the entire time) throughout.

Ferrell plays Armando, the brother of drug dealing Raul (Diego Luna) who finds himself getting in the way of drug lord Onza's (Garcia Bernal) business, which results in a mini-war between Onza and the Alvarez family. Genesis Rodriguez is Sonia, Raul's fiancée, who falls for Armando thereby leading to an amusingly melodramatic dynamic. The film is definitely fun with its obvious sets and backgrounds, the over-the-top performances and predictable storyline, plus Ferrell does a good job despite having learned Spanish in only a month for the role and Gael Garcia Bernal clearly has a great time playing a proudly vicious villain.

Casa De Mi Padre may not be a laugh-a-second type of flick but it is still funny, it looks great and it's overall an entertaining experiment.

Me gusta.

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