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Tom Hanks and Shelley Long star in The Money Pit, a Steven Spielberg-produced comedy from 1986. The film sees a couple get a good deal on a house before realising it's literally falling apart.

Much like their relationship, the house is slowly but surely collapsing but it's also being renovated and while this metaphor isn't too subtle it completely works here. The plot may not sound all that appealing but the film itself is a lot of fun as the ridiculously precarious house leads to some genuinely funny slapstick moments. Highlights include a long stretch during which Hanks is literally stuck in-between floors, the hilarious sudden breakdown of what seemed like a perfectly usable kitchen, some paint-induced catastrophe on scaffolding and Hanks' priceless reaction to a bathtub bursting through down to another floor.

The Money Pit does feel like an old-fashioned screwball comedy crossed with wacky antics the likes of Charlie Chaplin or Laurel & Hardy would have no doubt appreciated. In the vein of, say, Housesitter this is a rom-com which could have easily been over-sentimental and forgettable but the script is sharp enough and the jokes are effective enough that the film ends up being a worthy comedy indeed. It received mixed reviews upon its release, which is surprising as this is a completely accessible, likeable little flick. Hanks is at his best here, once again making us miss his now rarely used comedic talents and it's great to see the criminally underused Shelley Long in a proper comedy she can really have some fun with.

The Money Pit may not be the most memorable comedy of the 80's but it remains an entertaining, very amusing gem nonetheless. It's certainly well worth visiting or revisiting.


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