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Growing up in France, where I discovered anime, I was introduced to Grendizer under the name Goldorak and it was all kinds of badass.

The show boasted not one, not two but FOUR different intros.

The first one, sung by Enrique, was a direct adaptation of the original Japanese intro and, apparently, it ended up being censored because the word "race" was used in the lyrics even if it was referring to big-ass robots:

The second intro, by Noam, was much more light-hearted and kid-friendly. Also much more boring:

The third intro was another version of Enrique's first intro, this time sung by The Goldies and improved slightly:

French anime theme go-to guy back in the day, Bernard Minet, then gave us this intro which, weirdly, ended up being my favourite of the bunch:

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, here's the original Grendizer theme which is, of course, just as epic as it always was:

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