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From punk supergroup Osaka Popstar (John Cafiero, Jerry Only, Marky Ramone, Dez Cadena, Ivan Julian) comes a couple of anime intro songs done in their own, unique way.

You can find them all on their 2006 album Osaka Popstar And The American Legends Of Punk.

Of course, Youtube being Youtube, it was pretty easy to find people who made fan videos from those songs so here's Sailor Moon, first off:

Now, how about some Astro Boy?

Unfortunately the video's modelled on the CG movie rather than the original series but hey, it still works really well:

Alas, Shaolin Monkeys may not be a real anime series (even though it really should be) so the song didn't get its own video but here it is regardless:

Besides, the Shaolin Monkeys have their own website, and in my book that means they're real.

You can also find a cute little flash animation for one of the band's songs called Wicked World:

More cool stuff on the band's website:

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