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From Troma Entertainment comes 1996's Rockabilly Vampire: truly one of the great rockabilly vampire films of our time.

Here's one movie that's simply full of ground-breaking ideas.

The concept of rockabilly vampires is a fascinating one, especially in the way it's tackled in this particular creative piece. Rockabilly vampires follow typical vampire lore in that they drink blood, live forever and can die of wooden stakes through the heart but they don't really have fangs and can go out during the day no problem. In this universe, there are different types of vampires. This is just the rockabilly kind. The film follows a young rockabilly vampire called Eddie (Paul Stevenson) who meets Iris (Margaret Lancaster), a woman who happens to be on a quest to find Elvis Presley, who just can't be dead. I mean... he's The King! They could just get together and live happily ever after but there are obstacles including Eddie's brother Wrecks and his gang of rockabilly vampire misfits, Iris' slimy landlord and his even slimier crossbow-owning son and, of course, the constant, unquenchable blood-lust. Not to mention one of the best characters to ever grace any type of screen:

Beatle Boy.

Beatle Boy is a big fan of The Beatles and badly wants Iris to go out with him. He's not from Liverpool and his Ringo Starr-style mop hairstyle is nothing more than a cheap wig but he's keen, showing up every day at her work, spouting out Beatles song titles in random situations, even willing to resort to black magic to get his way. He's a nice enough guy with a dark, twisted, unhealthy side. Sadly, he never gets a chance to meet Juju The Voodoo Guru (a brilliant David Van Leesten), a very wise man indeed. Being a Troma film, of course the cinematography is nothing short of stunning and the acting stellar (Lancaster is particularly... gifted). The writing, as usual, is the best part and is as sharp and enjoyable as ever and the music throughout is just cool. Here's a film which promises rockabilly vampires and delivers just that.

What more could you ask for?

Overall, Troma fans should definitely check out Rockabilly Vampire: it's exactly what you'd expect minus an entire feature film budget. But what this movie lacks in funds, it makes up for in lols AND convenience as the full movie can be found on Youtube (see below)!

You don't even need to leave the house or use your imagination!

Isn't that just neat?

Anyway, Rockabilly Vampire has left the building.

Deal with it.

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