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Well, the polls have finally closed and I can now reveal that the Best Film Of 2012, for the faithful followers and visitors of The RetroCritic blog is none other than...


Seeing as 007's latest was more or less shunned by both the Golden Globes and the Oscars, I'm quite happy that at least here, on this tiny-ass blog of mine, we finally all came together and agreed: Skyfall was awesome.

Although I personally enjoyed every Daniel Craig Bond films to date, Quantum Of Solace was hardly a hit with most so Skyfall, in some ways, was a return to form. Not just that but it celebrated the 50 years of Bond considerably better than when Die Another Day tried to reference past Bond outings. After the whole MGM mess, the future of 007 was unsure and we waited quite a bit of time for his next adventure so the fact that Sam Mendes delivered the goods and didn't disappoint was very refreshing.

What we got was a smart thriller, a gripping action movie which developed its characters remarkably well, told a compelling story and gave us a brilliant villain. Speaking of which, Javier Bardem's show-stealing performance as Bond's manipulative but clearly unhinged nemesis is another criminal omission from those Oscar noms. Mendes delivered a strangely emotional and progressive Bond film which fans got a kick out of but which also made it hard for 007 skeptics to reject it as yet another silly OTT installment of a tired old franchise.

In your face!

Overall, yes Skyfall deserved more than Adele shout-outs but awards-aside, it's certainly one of my favourite films of the year and confirms that Daniel Craig trilogy as the most willing to go deeper into those characters' personalities and develop them in interesting ways.

If you compare it to the Dark Knight Trilogy, Skyfall's most definitely The Dark Knight.

Speaking of which, your second choice for Best Film Of 2012 was Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises which, despite getting less impressive reviews than its predecessor, still packed one hell of a punch and is also one of my favourites of last year.

Good choices guys! Worst Film Of 2012 coming up.

Wish me luck. I have to sit down and actually watch the whole thing...

Thanks for voting ;)

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