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Well, it's that time again and you, yes YOU, my fellow viewers, get to vote for your picks for best and worst films of the year we'll be ending in just a couple of days.

You'll see I've opened up a couple of polls on the top right and left of this Home page so go ahead and vote away! Polls will close in early January.

The picks I've put up are a mix of films I've seen and wanted to include and films I didn't see but seemed to be particularly decent or terrible. Of course, I don't know everything so if your wanted pick isn't listed, fear not you can always pick "Other" and comment on this here post with your specific film. It will be included in the final results.

Last year's best film, if you remember, was Captain America: The First Avenger and your worst was Battle: Los Angeles. So go ahead, if that final Twilight outing was just too much for you, if that Total Recall remake put you to sleep, vote! If Dark Knight Rises blew you away or Dredd kicked your ass then you be the "judge"! Vote!

The winning picks will get their own mini re-reviews.

Have fun! ;)


  1. I don't like how Argo and Lincoln aren't on the best lists, and you don't have The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and Prometheus on the worst list...just sayin.

  2. Argo is on the best list :P You can vote for any movie as worst and best, just let us know which and I'll include them in the overall results. The titles I put up are suggestions :)

    (I liked Avengers, DKR and Prometheus personally, though)


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