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What can I say about a movie that opens with a Johnny Depp lookalike wearing a suit made of real diamonds, sees Tim & Eric work for a company called "Schlaaang" and has a scene where Eric Wareheim is in a bathtub getting shit on by a bunch of kids as Ray Wise cheers them on?


Great job!

Yeah, basically your enjoyment of this one will depend completely upon whether you enjoy Tim & Eric's Awesome Show or hate it, this is basically the equivalent of merging one of the comedy duo's twisted shorts and piling on the Awesome Show lolgasms one after the other. If, in the trailer, you felt a brain-boner perk up when the "Shrim" bit popped up, then you're in safe hands.

I know I was!

Ok, to be fair, it takes a bit of time to really get going. Awesome Show regulars Jeff 'Chef' Goldblum and Zach Galifiniakis get their cameos done early and we're led into this absurd plot where Tim & Eric make a shitty billion dollar movie and are told to get Schlaaang's money back pronto or else, this somehow leads them to a dying mall which they purchase and decide to clean up and run in order to raise the exorbitant amount of money they need. There they meet Will Ferrell's dodgy owner and John C. Reilly in his most foul role yet as janitor Taquito. Further cameos include Ray Wise as some kind of creepy Shrim guru, Will Forte as a demented swords salesman (firmly against selling swords btw) and a few regulars from the show. It is one goofy-ass cast and, for the most part, everyone fits in rather well and does their bit spot-on. Only Galifiniakis kinda falls flat, strangely.

But this isn't so much a movie with a plot as it is one big hilarious joke.

Did Tim & Eric's Awesome Show NEED to be a feature film? Does it make sense as a feature film? Of course not. And they know it. But since they're there, they might as well make the most of it, and to a certain extent they do. Not all of it works but most of it works and when it does it's pretty darn great though not quite as sharply genius as some of the show's own mini skits. It's silly, it's random, it's dumb, it's clever, it's disgusting, it's loltastic: you know the drill. If you like Tim & Eric, you''ll be fine.

If you don't... I can't help ya.

Though the film doesn't quite go as far as it could have with the Awesome Show, probably a good thing anyway as it could have reached Freddy Got Fingered-levels of incomprehension, Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie is a nice little treat for fans of the duo but for the uninitiated or those for whom the idea of an Awesome Show movie sounds like a nightmare, I can't recommend it too much. This is a movie which assumes you know what the deal is and assumes you WANT to be watching it.

In my case, it was definitely right.

Great stuff.

*half winks*

*freeze frame*

There it is.

There's my Chippy.

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