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That Ben Stiller's latest received predominantly negative reviews both surprises me and makes perfect sense.

This sci-fi version of cult comedy classic The 'Burbs tries to have its cake and eat it too. Attempting something unique while still appealing to fans of the likes of The Wedding Crashers and Tropic Thunder was always going to be a bit of a stretch. Perhaps opting for a more Spielbergian approach altogether could have been the way to go?

I'm thinking Super 8 with plastic alien boobies.

I should not think, like, ever again...

Instead, we get a farcical genre-mesh which fails to gel entirely but which presents an all-too familiar style of comedy with fresh material. I, for one, enjoyed The Watch: you've got a solid team of goofy dudes doing what they do best... but with aliens.

What's not to like?

Granted, no-one is exactly playing against-type here. Hell, new recruit Richard Ayoade looks like he was lifted straight out of The IT Crowd playing essentially the same character with the exact same wardrobe and everything. It's still cool to see the guy in a big movie, though. Vaughn, Stiller and Hill are all in their element doing their usual schtick but it's schtick they do well so I'm OK with that. Yes, they tend to go off into improv quite often but as long as it's funny improv, which it is mostly, honestly I don't mind that either.

Honorable mention to a geniusely creepy Billy Crudup, who is subtly awesome throughout.

The plot is about as intricate as a Scooby Doo episode but even so you do get a couple of nifty mini twists along the way. The story makes next to no sense if you think about it for more than a second but this isn't a film to take too seriously and if you sit back, chew on your popcorn and leave your brain at the door, you'll have a ball.

A fun "watch".

Yes it's a pun, deal with it.

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