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Let the bird mayhem begin... again.

And this time: they're slightly bigger.

Basically more of the same, which should make fans of the original very happy indeed.

Apart from the obvious, expected mix of groan-inducing acting, gratuitous ladies-in-their underwear shots, awful sound, shit effects and so on, it seems Birdemic 2 has more of a sense of humour. Take this moment for example:

The guys are shooting at some evil vultures (yes that IS meant to be a gunshot on the top right)...

When THIS happens:

That's just genius.

I also like the bird (in the foreground) crashing into the Hollywood sign which is, in fact, waaaay into the background.

Did not see that coming.

The trailer ends with a weird scene where the girls hit someone with a tripod and their head explodes:

Come on! That's not even close to making contact!

Yeah I don't know what that scene's about but... I look forward to finding out!

A worthy sequel it seems :)

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