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Young reviewer Kieran Stansbury tackles the Lego Batman games:


Just as the Lego team was running out of ideas they come with an absolute blinder. 

Unlike past Lego games, Batman does not follow a story-based line, instead, it follows its own path for each character from The Joker to Batman in Gotham. 

The gameplay is much like the usual Lego game: you're going around smashing things and collecting red bricks, also each level with each character has hidden canisters which, if all collected, unlocks something. 

With classic characters like The Joker, Batman, Robin and The Riddler, this is a great game to play, however there is no online multiplayer, only local co-op which does let the game down a bit but overall, as I have mentioned already, it's a great game.


The new city of Gotham awaits the new Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, and so is Arkham.

New family-friendly game Lego Batman 2 does not only uncover the story behind Batman but others including Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder-Woman as well as some new supervillains like Catwoman but also sees the appearance of two classic criminals from Lego Batman: Bane and The Joker and this is why it is set up with such high regards. 

I would say that this game was definitely a challenge for the Lego game team since it has so many new features like better graphics, addictive block-busting and collecting past titles with sandbox elements, it also gives full access to Gotham with all superheroes and villains but as everyone should have heard, it is the first Lego-based game in which each individual character has their own voice. 

Therefore, with all the highlights/best bits of Lego Batman still there, this game is sure to make anyone happy and is surely a best buy this year.

Thanks for the contribution Kieran ;)

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