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Yes, this month is Bat-Month on the RetroCritic blog.

Hence the Bat-things...

To celebrate the release of The Dark Knight Rises, we will be hosting a whole bunch of Batman-related content from reviews to videos to competitions etc. Basically the goal will be to turn this into your own personal Bat-blog for this month.

Send us your Top 10s, reviews, videos, pictures... whatever you got: if it's Batman, we want it!

Perfect opportunity to promote your stuff (blogs, sites, Youtube channels), email us HERE with your content and expect a reply soon. Full credit will of course be given to you for your work.

Expect Bat-content to start appearing on the 2nd of July but in the meantime take this Sunday to sit back, relax and check out our Bat-Videos, Bat-Reviews, Bat-Fans Gallery and vote on our polls.

Yes, I will be saying "Bat" before words VERY often this month.

Deal with it.

It's Bat-Month ;P

Special thanks to Sarah Johnson for her fab-tastic Bat-gif! Loads more on her site HERE!

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