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NOTE: This review was written using only my thumbs, therefore typos might oxccur.

If you are unfamiliar with the great man that is Mr Steve Oedekerk then this is something which must be rectified promptly.

The man behind the likes of High Strung, Kung Pow and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, when Mr Oedekerk isn't making movies he's making Thumb movies. And they are beautiful. You can check some out on Youtube or simply go to THE wackiest site around for plenty of Thumb-tastic goodness. Highlights include Frankenthumb, The GodThumb, ThumbTanic and, of course...

Bat Thumb.

Focusing primarily on spoofing the first Tim Burton movie as well as the 60's TV series, Bat Thumb is very, VERY silly but if you expected something else then I'm not sure what part of "Bat Thumb" you didn't understand. The Thumb movies always begin with an absurd intro from Oedekerk himself and this one is no exception:

The film is then introduced by a can of beets.

It begins with a Danny Elfman-esque theme and a spoof of the opening scene from Burton's Batman with some naive idiot walking around Gotham, I mean, "Gaaathumb City" only to be mugged by two nasty thumb dudes. Bat Thumb promptly shows up and struggles to introduce himself to the thug.

"I'm Bat Thumb."

So far, pretty darn silly.

Then things get 60's Batman fast as it turns out that Bruce Wayne (sorry: Wuce Bayne) has one of those red flashing Bat-phones and attempts to make that work with Vicki Nail (pungasm!) lying in bed next to him. That's the first proper joke that works as I always thought that having a Bat-phone would be about as convenient as having a Bat-shower. What if Batman's away? Who answers? Alfred? The guy needs to live a normal life, people can't know he's Batman's butler!

Anyway, we're told that a villain by the name of No Face (lol) is planning something big, No Face being a plain thumb with a bag over his head. Bat Thumb's wannabe sidekick is introduced: Blue Jay, an obvious Robin piss-take. The running joke throughout being that Blue Jay's costume is so ridiculous and he's so generally useless that Bat Thumb is ashamed to even be seen with him.

Funny stuff.

By the way, you know what else is funny?


No Face's plan, we find out, was in fact to gas the whole of Gaaathumb (Joker-style) and eradicate everyone's faces. I won't spoil the resolution for you because it's pretty great but suffice it to say that some people come out of it better than others.

Overall, though Bat Thumb may not be Oedekerk's very best Thumb film, it's certainly worth a watch for anyone wanting to get into that shit or any curious Bat-fan with a sense of humour. The second half of the short being completely lolgasmic all the way through. You've got Mr O at his silliest, one-eyed thumbs and much, much more.

Thumbs up.

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