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I knew it!

You remember how ass Clash Of The Titans was? Man, now THAT was one boring-ass blockbuster completely with near-absent 3D, blank characters and a serious lack of imagination. When the trailer for Wrath Of The Titans came out, I was surprised: this actually looked like a film! It looked like they might just have fixed the original film's shortcomings...

And lo and behold: they did!

Wrath Of The Titans is exactly what Clash should have been: a cool, stylish action movie that throws everything at you leaving you feeling all pumped-up, ready to punch an eagle in its stupid face. Non-event Sam Worthington's back but this time he's got a better haircut and a lot more stuff to do so we thankfully get very little of him being essentially a potato from which sounds come out of. The look of the film is much grittier and dustier making the action sequences feel much less like plain CGI fests and more like big, impressive, fuck-off scenes that actually do deserve to be in the movie. More importantly, the film doesn't just build-up to one big Kraken-style battle: it's all good, epic fun from start to finish.

The Gods look much less campy and finally feel like proper characters we care about and don't necessarily want to see crumble into ashes (happens a lot in this one), Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes clearly enjoy themselves much more this time and the way their story arc ends in the final act of the film is just brilliant. Finally, a Titans film feels like a Titans film and isn't afraid to go balls-to-the-wall: great stuff.

Stand-out sequences include a chaotic fight against a snaky creature thingy, Cyclops ass-kickin', the amazing-looking Jenga-style labyrinth and, of course, the final battle which is pure epic delight complete with Pegasus (freakin' Pegasus!) and genius unexpected team-ups. It's just a very satisfying action flick and is far superior to its predecessor in every way. Kudos on fixing the franchise, peeps!

Overall, Wrath Of The Titans can stand proudly next to Immortals as one of the best Greek mythology epics in recent years, it's a thoroughly entertaining, dark, cool movie and more than makes up for Clash Of The Titans which, I guess, is best seen as a patchy trial run before this: the main event.


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