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Here's a poster I came upon the other day at my local cinema for upcoming Bollywood movie Kahaani.

"A Mother Of A Story lol"

Now I understand there's a religious theme going on here in that she seems to have several arms... coming out of her but really: what is going on behind her?  Is Parallax fighting The Abomination?

"References lol"

What the poster tells me about this movie is that it involves a heavily pregnant woman with the worst photoshopped head around and... the end of the world/God taking a massive shit/ comic book villains fighting it out/ Tripods are rising from her ass/ she is a new Spider-Man villain.

I kid, I kid...

The movie itself looks alright and very... normal. Not at all the chaos that ghastly poster suggests. Here's the trailer if you want to check it out. Wait for the very last shot: it's great.

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