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Why is Crossworlds often compared to The Matrix? I don't get it. I mean, sure it's the story of a nerdy young dude with a small link to another reality who is hired by some attractive/tough young woman and introduced to an all-knowing pro who teaches him the ways of  crossing over from one reality to the other and gets his help to defeat some suit-wearing douchebags hell-bent on messing with our world...


Ok it's The Matrix.

Made a year prior to the Wachowski Brothers' opus, Crossworlds is a small B movie with big ideas. Unfortunately, due to this being the first and only movie directed by Krishna Rao (now more into television series), a relative unknown, the film is restrained by a small budget and the occasional questionable performance. That said, Crossworlds is an underrated and surprisingly fun experiment which sadly doesn't go too far into its own mythology but which introduces a cool concept, some creative effects and a genuinely involving (if predictable) sci-fi adventure.

Rutger Hauer takes on the Morpheus role and although his power is pretty much reduced to... a magic rain-stick, he makes it work. The film does have a sense of humour about things though and feels self-aware. Thankfully. They know they're shooting above their budget but they're sure-as-hell gonna try regardless. The story involves some asshole trying to get his hands on the rain-stick in question and destroy/take over/play pinball with our reality. You can guess what happens next: cue a bunch of unconvincing alternate dimension chatter, some imaginative effects & action sequences and... Jack Black playing a small role.

Ok there's no way you could have guessed that last part.

Crossworlds is one of those forgotten movies that's well worth revisiting. It's far from perfect and pretty silly throughout but it is very enjoyable and frankly not bad at all. Definitely one to check out if you haven't already. Actually, I wonder what director Krishna Rao did after this movie. For all we know, he's made sequels or even better sci-fi outings!

Tell me Imdb, tell me there's more! What has Mr Rao worked on lately?

Oh no...

*rain-sticks to the GOOD dimension*

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