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You ever watch a film that was both so good and so unpleasant you were both happy you watched it and happy it ended?

Welcome to Blindness!

A movie which doesn't care about you and your stupid-ass thirst for films that don't include mass rape and blind people literally shitting themselves in hospital corridors. You wanna watch Blindness? Huh?


So the film starts off with a blindness disease spreading like wildfire throughout the city until those newly blinded unfortunates are eventually quarantined into some kind of prison/hospital/camp place and things just go from bad to worse... to way worse... to OMFG... to kinda better... to Disney! Man what a ride...

Half an hour in you think those people have reached rock bottom but little do you know that compared to what they're about to go through they are pretty much livin' it up. It's been Vegas this whole time, the shit-storm hasn't even begun. This is one cruel movie. you've got Mark Ruffalo as the eye doctor ironically finding himself blind and helpless, Julianne Moore as his alcoholic wife-turned quietly heroic Lady Jesus. Gael Garcia Bernal, the adorable little fellow from The Science Of Sleep, pops up as... all that is evil and despicable in the universe! What a villain. The guy can't even SEE but he will mess you up.

And he doesn't even a reason, either.

Like watching ants slowly melt under a magnifying glass, Blindness keeps hope at its very lowest and lets misery reign for as long as possible. It's an ordeal. The film is beautifully made and its post-apocalyptic, forgive the pun, "vision" is simply striking. This one's hard to forget, that's for sure. A supermarket shopping trip gone very wrong, a blind rape den, dogs eating corpses... all these wonders and more are to behold!


Look, Blindness is no bundle of joy but it certainly is hugely underrated. Perhaps it piles on the nastiness a little too thickly, and yes perhaps the ending is a bit less focused than the rest but for the most part this is one strangely powerful movie. Think the way you felt watching Deliverance for the first time, it's that kind of unsettling feeling the film carries with the occasional glimmer of hope for survival in there just so you don't reach for the sick bag too often.

Not a particularly pleasant watch but a unique experience you won't forget in a hurry and an impressive film nonetheless.

"See" it.

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