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It's doubtful that many shared Guy Ritchie's pumped up vision of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic sleuth, and after films like Swept Away as well as unflattering reshoots which delayed the film's release, Guy's Sherlock Holmes wasn't looking good. On many accounts, what was expected (and somewhat feared) is indeed present, with Sherlock and Watson busting bad guy butt like a James Bond and John McClane team-up and of course numerous silly, overblown moments. 

That aside, one can't deny that this Sherlock Holmes is a lot of fun. No matter what its flaws are, this is good old fashioned Hollywood nonsense: it's stylish, very engaging, clever, silly and works both as a detective story and a buddy comedy. Law makes a fine Watson and Downey Jr is appropriately charming ( if a little short) and makes an entertaining Holmes.

Rachel McAdams also offers fine support and gloriously manages to avoid being the usual annoying, thrown-in-as-a-love-interest-for-the-hell-of-it gal. A hammy Mark Strong and a farting dog aside, this is great entertainment by any standards, just don't expect the ultimate Conan Doyle adaptation. Think James Bond in Sweeney Todd times.

Most engaging hokum old boy.

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