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As our poll finally ends, I can now reveal that the Best Film Of 2011, for the faithful followers & visitors of the RetroCritic blog is...


Yes, Marvel's latest attempt at adapting the superhero was a winner and arguably the best comic book movie of last Summer.

It made it to number 9 in my own Top 20 Best Films Of 2011 list and seeing it take the top spot here isn't too surprising: a great mix of modern action and old-fashioned heroism, Captain America gets it right. And after the dire 1990 version, Steve Rogers deserved his comeback.

It was certainly great to see Chris Evans NOT play a smirking douchebag for once. Don't get me wrong, in small doses (see Scott Pilgrim vs The World) it was fine but...

Fantastic Four happened.


Captain America looks the part and boasts a strong cast: Tommy Lee Jones doesn't exactly play against type but stays on good form nonetheless and Hayley Atwell makes a beautiful and refreshingly tough love interest. The likes of Stanley Tucci, Toby Jones and The Red Skull himself Hugo Weaving are all proudly cartoony, but in a good way. The latter clearly enjoying playing the megalomaniac villain. 

In terms of flaws, they amount to no more than nitpicks: yes the film rushes a bit here and there to get to that Avengers epilogue, yes CGI mini Chris Evans is a tad distracting and yes the action sequences could have been a bit longer and more epic in scale. A Cap-centric sequel should iron out any minor issues though, I think.

Good movie and it proudly joins our Hall Of Fame (coming soon) as the people's Best Film Of 2011! 

Honourable mention to cool-as-ice thriller Drive which made it to number 2. 

Another great movie also mentioned in my Top 20.

The Worst Film Of 2011 is yet to be determined so get votin'!

Thanks to all who participated in the Best Of vote, much appreciated ;)

More polls to come.

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