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What if time was literally money?

Well, if In Time is anything to go by, it would make for one idiotic-sounding script. With every mention of money cunningly replaced by "time", every cent replaced by a "second", every dollar by a "day" and so on and so forth. And if that sounds kinda dumb to you: that's because it is.

You're very perceptive.

Strange that something this obvious and clunky comes from the writer of The Truman Show and Gattaca. I like Andrew Niccol's work but this is not the guy's finest hour. I mean, sure In Time looks good and everyone involved is beautiful but where that worked in Gattaca, a film in which perfection was kinda the whole point, here you never know if you're watching a movie or if Justin Timberlake is selling you a new fragrance. Speaking of which, people have to stop putting Mr Lake in movies.

I mean it.

So many talented folks out there: actors!

Occasionally he pulls off a role but here he's particularly unconvincing. Couldn't buy him as a poor factory worker, couldn't believe him as a James Bond-style fancy pants and couldn't believe him as Sgt Badass. Amanda Seyfried did have a performance to offer, although why she chose to act like a replicant is puzzling. Thankfully, the ever reliable Cillian Murphy does a good job as the "Timekeeper" (read: TimeCop) trying to hunt down our favourite rebel and he adds some cool to an otherwise pretty bland movie.

The anti-1% message the film pushes through the entire time may be timely but it's handled about as well as Hocus Pocus handles virginity. Basically, In Time's solution to the economic crisis (or whatever the TIME equivalent may be) seems to be kidnapping followed by shooting cops and a whole lotta bank-robbin'. 1 million bucks should do it: just sit back and watch the system crumble.


The system is made of cake.

Now I hate greed as much as the next guy but come on now, how old does the film think we are?

Ok, I'm being pretty condescending towards In Time but that's only because its reluctance to adopt any kind of subtlety feels patronising in itself. The film, to be fair, is watchable, has some decent visuals and action scenes and fans ready to perv on Seyfried or Timeberlake should find some enjoyment but for anyone looking for a clever sci-fi flick with a deep political message, you should probably look at Niccol's back catalogue or, you know, elsewhere.

Silly, brainless, mildly involving...

I wanna say...

Don't waste your time?

*insert further time puns here*



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