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You ever wonder what would happen if the Guns N Roses, Duran Duran and The Sex Pistols all got together somehow and made an album?

Well, why wonder when you can HEAR?

Boys and girls, I give you: Neurotic Outsiders. A supergroup formed back in 1995 made up of Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses), Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses) and John Taylor (Duran Duran).

I’ll let the awesomeness sink in.

The band only really made the one album (with an EP the following year), a self-titled release which I recall owning back in the day. I loved it but being French the lyrics were lost on me, which was a bit awkward since songs like Nasty Ho were pretty graphic throughout.

“Oh nasty ho…”

You know, for kids!

Regardless, it was great. But how does it stand up today?

Well, lets just say it more than lives up to the term “supergroup”.

Vocally, Steve Jones may not be Axl Rose but he fits in perfectly in this punk/grunge/metal hybrid and although the prospect of the band being led by Billy Idol (which it was, early on) is a mind-blowing one, Jones adds a Clash-esque quality to the songs that’s very welcome. There’s a versatility about the album which should please just about everyone. Catchier tracks like Angelina or Jerk are just really enjoyable, punkier efforts Good News or Six Feet Under should please purists and darker tracks like Story Of My Life or Union add a third dimension to the whole album. Union is particularly a must-hear as it works both as a middle finger to the Pistols themselves and a touching homage to the iconic band’s impact.

It’s just a really fun album: heavy, catchy, trashy, it’s an all-rounder. It’s a bittersweet listen as it only makes you wish the Neurotic Outsiders had gone on to make more stuff together but I guess their original bands’ work is comfort enough.

A must for fans of punk rock or 80’s metal.

Not so much Duran Duran fan.

Sorry John.

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