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With casting news still coming up, the latest of which was Laurence Fishburne playing Perry White, I was under the impression that the project was still coming together very slowly and nothing had been settled on. But, of course, with only Green Lantern and an evasive Dark Knight Rises to face the mightily productive Avengers, I guess something had to give.

So here we finally have a first look at Henry Cavill in that iconic costume:

First impressions?

Is Superman robbing a bank? 

I'm kidding, he Superman. Which is a pretty good sign I would say. With the film coming out in 2013 (in a million years), it looks like we can expect a trailer probably around about the Avengers release...conveniently.

Lets hope director Zack "Watchmen" Snyder doesn't fall into the Bryan Singer trap of imitating the old Superman movies and bring something fresh and new to the table.

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