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Yes, as you can see the calibre of films that I've been watching lately has somewhat improved.

Then I saw Sssssss...

Believe it or not this is not a sequel to French caveman comedy Rrrrrrr!, a film I actually wish I had watched again instead of this soporific snake-a-rific mess. Not that I was expecting anything stellar quality-wise but at least vast amounts of laughable silliness. Oh I got the silliness alright but at what cost?

Only 4 hours of my life in snake time!

I'm exaggerating. Really the film is watchable but so many scenes throughout could have easily been rushed or just cut from the final edit altogether and the general pace of the whole thing makes a funeral look like Speed Racer. We tediously snail along to an incredibly silly but admittedly almost genius conclusion which turns out to be...

Not really worth it.

Oh sure the dialogs are Troll 2 awful, the story is nonsense and you get circus people PLUS a guy turning into a snake so there is some fun you can "milk" out of it but ultimately when you get to the last shot in which a real snake fights a real mongoose (for real) it all just leaves a bad taste in your mouth you could have easily pre-washed-out with something not ass. Even Rrrrrr!!

I'd suggest checking out the trailer and perhaps a couple of scenes on Youtube but the whole thing? Don't bother.


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