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So yeah, here's the Dark Knight Rises teaser. A nice little treat on a rainy day like this one (London). Can't say it reveals much of anything but we do get a sense that something epically badass is about to go down. Not sure how Catwoman will fit into all this Bane on Bat man-fight action and still not convinced the Bane/Catwoman/Rhas Al Ghul villain combination was a good idea to begin with but I can't deny that based on this teaser, it doesn't look like Nolan's jumped the shark just yet.

Along with a quick glimpse of Tom Hardy's Bane we get a Commissioner Gordon in hospital looking not too good continuing his awesomely overblown speech from the end of Dark Knight. Unless he's taking over the Two-Face role, I'm guessing either Bane beat the hell out of him or Al Ghul's latest dastardly plan involves some other potent poison spreading throughout Gotham City...

...or Anne Hathaway's catsuit looked too silly and a suicide attempt followed?

Whatever it is, I can't wait for the next proper trailer and I demand no less than cream-inducing, orgasm-prompting awesomeness of the highest order.

No pressure Chris.

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