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Just like probably 99% of French and Belgian people out there, I'm looking forward to Steven Spielberg's take on the classic Tintin franchise. Yes a live action film would have been amazing since the only genuinely good live action Tintin film to date remains Tintin and The Mystery of the Golden Fleece which, as adorable and charming as it is, was made back in 1961.

And in terms of animation we have the Tintin animated series (made in the early 90's) which, although they tended to rush through a lot of the books, were near perfect. Growing up with these cartoons, they always felt exciting, smart and grown-up (lets assume Tintin in Congo was a bad dream, yikes). Both the books and the animated series never talked down to its audience, which made it that much better to follow.

Now after several unpleasant attempts at "realistic" looking CGI animations (Polar Express anyone?) and some underrated efforts (A Christmas Carol) we're getting a Tintin animation that's also kinda live-action and in 3D so there's something for everyone (or no-one?). Personally, I can't help but feel that Tintin animated in such a way will somehow drain some of the magic which made the character's world so amazing to be a part of. The animation might end up pulling you out of that world. Then again, the new trailer does have some glimpses of exciting action sequences and heart so I'll trust The 'Berg to make something at the very least fun and very entertaining.

Not sure if Peter Jackson's involvement is needed and will add anything besides Andy Serkis to the table but I suppose we'll soon find out. Also, one hopes the Nick Frost/Simon Pegg duo will keep it short and sweet with the slapstick and jokey banter. Anyway, here's the new trailer: lots of good things, some things I could go either way...

We'll see. In the meantime, I'll allow my childhood to quietly cream in peace at the prospect of a badass Tintin flick.

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