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Stoner comedy Pineapple Express being one of the best, most underrated comedies of the past few years, the prospect of a new James Franco-starring, medieval times-set randomfest was certainly very promising.

And yet alas the version of Your Highness I had in my head beats this one hands down. Yes, unfortunately Your Highness doesn't quite deliver, it's definitely fun, but something got lost along the way.

First, you've got Danny McBride whom, although he's usually a good guy to have around, is just not likeable enough to sustain our interest throughout. Even if he does proudly wear a Minotaur cock necklace...

Everyone's on the ball though and at the very least look like they're having loads of fun: Franco, Portman, Deschanel, all great. It is Justin Theroux though who steals the show as the film's slimy villain.

So what's wrong with it? Well unfortunately it's the jokes. It's like the film forces itself to include stoner humour when really the joke is riiiiiiight theeeeeere! You don't need to overdo it, add macho cock-and-balls humour at every corner: you have James Franco in a medieval parody!!! Your Highness just tries way too hard to appeal to a certain "blokey" audience and although the swearing is pretty fun for a while, that also gets old pretty quickly.

As it stands, this is more Year One than Pineapple Express: potentially genius but ultimately a missed opportunity. That said, it does have its moments and is worth a look if only for the ever watchable Theroux and Franco.

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  1. I agree that they tried to hard; if they would have left McBride out of the movie it would have been hilarious. Franco and Portman carried the movie and made it funny just in the way they were acting while McBride is forcibly puking out some of the lamest jokes I can remember hearing. Now I am happy that I missed it the theater, had I paid $10 for the ticket I think I would have demanded my money back. I didn’t even want to rent the DVD because I would still be spending to much money on it, and finally decided to watch it when I saw it on HBO’s page on DISH online. I mean toilet humor only gets a movie so far, and in this movie it only hindered the comedy, and McBride’s poor attempts at it. Even the movie nerd that I work with at DISH that watches every movie ever made didn’t like this movie, usually he is all about McBride shows.


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