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People often tend to forget the nature of Indiana Jones films, that is to say what they're actually meant to be: B movies. Sure, glossier, more stylish, more entertaining, ridiculously GOOD B movies but B movies nonetheless. So saying an Indy movie is silly...

It's about an archaeologist who fights nazis WITH A WHIP, ok?

On that note: yes, Temple Of Doom is sillier and really more of a horror film than Raiders. But we are warned from the offset that this is a very different type of movie than the first instalment as we begin with a flamboyant, cheesy musical number. From then on it plays off a lot like a Bond film before getting back to true Indy territory...and going off into child slavery and black magic about halfway through.

This one really is a good companion piece to Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull in that both films stray pretty far from the general concept Raiders and Crusade tried to establish. Of course, Crystal Skull strays a little too far but Temple Of Doom remains a very fun and exciting flick even with those foul chilled monkey brains.
The film really loses a star because of its kid-friendly comic-relief characters. Short Round's endless screaming of the words "Dr" and "Jones" along with Kate Capshaw's remarkably irritating love interest make Temple Of Doom occasionally a little too grating for its own good.

That said, it still feels like an Indy movie and is one hell of a ride: the last half hour is particularly exciting and there's plenty of unforgettable iconic moments here and there.

Overall, not the best Indiana Jones and not the worst but definitely the darkest and weirdest.

Well worth checking out.

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