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Indiana Jones faces off one final time against those dastardly nazis who, once again, are after a powerful religious artifact and ultimately world domination (of course!).

This time, Indy is joined by his father (Sean Connery), Alison Doody's deadly femme fatale and his long-time bumbling pal (played by Denholm Elliott). After a rather strange trip down the Temple Of Doom, here we are back to the basics, so how does it fare?

Rather "intolerably" well, to put it simply.

For many, Raiders Of The Lost Ark will forever remain the best Indy movie but for me, just the fact that we've got Sean Connery along for the ride rather than Karen Allen's damsel in distress makes it the better film. It just feels bigger, slicker and overall more entertaining than any other Indy movie. The film itself plays out like The Da Vinci Code (but GOOD) crossed with Raiders and although there's a lot of familiar things here from past Indy films it still feels as fresh and original as when Ford first cracked that iconic whip.
Treats include the opening sequence with River Phoenix, Hitler signing Indy's "autograph", Connery's wacky bird attack and of course the final test for the Grail: clever, funny, relentlessly entertaining, Last Crusade has it all and remains my personal favourite Indiana Jones film to date.

A glorious end to a glorious trilogy.

Wait...there's a fourth one?

Ooooooooh, THAT one...


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