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Hey, remember that film where Joey from Friends befriends a chimp and they start sharing a flat and playing baseball together?

Sure you do.

Ed is one of those films which had a rubbishy trailer in every single VHS tape bought in and around 1995. You'd basically see it and rejoice that you only owned the trailer to this odd creation rather than the entire thing.

16 years later and there I was in a train witnessing Ed for the very first time in its entirety. Feeling the initial awkwardness of trying to figure out whether the ape was real or not (mostly not), flashing back to a simpler time when Matt Le Blanc was pretty much everywhere and feeling the slight embarrassment of being a grown man watching a fake ape and Joey piss in the same toilet 16 years prior.

Although I can never fully relate to any sports movie, I know I would have enjoyed that little nonsensical treat as a kid. Even now it's pretty harmless and watchable, although when my adult brain is presented with a scene involving an ape babysitting a little girl and proudly shitting itself it's pretty... difficult for it to avoid sarcastic remarks.

As a film this is nothing more than the usual sports movie template coupled with a silly buddy/animal movie template and wrapped up into something kids might like. It's ok, well, it's pretty bad but not offensively awful and younger viewers as well as faithful, curious Friends fans will find loads to enjoy. Even if it is just pointing and laughing at everyone who thought this movie was a brilliant idea.

Everyone else, though, will probably want to avoid it on the account that... it's about a chimp playing baseball?!

I for one like my ape movies and no-one will EVER take that away from me!

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