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Classic camp 80s sci-fi doesn't get any more classic, camp, 80's or sci-fi than this little nugget!

I mean you've got spaceships, magic rings, gold-winged bearded men, a planet called Mongo, a bitching Queen soundtrack... you need more?

Sure this isn't very consistent to say the least: one second we're trying to follow some weird subplot in some kind of swamp jungle, the next everyone's flying around, then everyone plays American football for some reason. And all in front of the most glorious bluescreen you'll ever see.

Thankfully it's colourful, creative and silly enough to keep us all entertained. Queen also help. It feels like one of those flops which  were probably hell to shoot, a nightmare to write and way too crazy for most viewers. Parts of it are pretty trippy, in a good way, and if anything it's worth seeing just for the nostalgia factor.

Overall, like David Lynch's Dune, it's flawed to the point of being pretty unsuccessful in its overall approach but in the end you still end up loving it for its sheer madness and visual creativity. A fun, fabulous ride.

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