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Fast Five? Fast & Furious 5? Rio Heist? Screw all the rubbish titles, behold... The ExFastables!

Why the sudden surge of "team" movies? The Expendables, A-Team, The Avengers, This... Not that I mind, it's just a bit odd really, isn't it?

There's really not much to say about this new fast and furious outing for a franchise which never seems to end or go anywhere in particular. It's a Fast and the Furious movie: dumb, loud, action-packed, muscle-bound, tough-talking, cars smashing, bums-in-your-face, the usual fare basically.

Oh sure this being the 5th film it's bigger and sillier than most of its predecessors but thankfully not so much that you can't enjoy it on a one dimensional level. Fast Five is hugely entertaining from start to finish, and I'm saying that as someone who couldn't give a toss about cars or muscles so imagine how much you'll like this if that's totally your deal!

The best-of cast includes the Blandmeister: blank slate Paul Walker, his admittedly gorgeous love interest Jordana Brewster, badass legends Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel (looking weirdly a bit bigger than usual), loads of ladies in gratuitous hotpants and rappers. The Rock vs Diesel fight scene alone is worth the ticket.

That said, the film is too long and unless you can free your mind of all things not car/muscle-related you'll be looking at your watch a hell of a lot. For everyone else though, there are a lot of terrific action sequences here and if that's something you enjoy, you won't be disappointed.

Overall, this certainly won't win any prizes for original screenplay, acting prowess or general brilliance but fans of the franchise should lap it up and anyone up for a bit of macho movie fun will find loads to enjoy here.

A solid ending to an enduring franchise.

Wait there's a 6th on the way? With Michelle Rodriguez and Eva Mendes? ...

Perhaps I spoke too soon.

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  1. The 6th movie come out 2 years from now, according to what I've read. I usually watch it for the races, and not for the muscles or the bums.. well, those and the action scenes are a bonus. Gotta love seeing that GT40 in action!


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