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After a month devoid of any cinematic depth whatsoever, all hopes of seeing something worthwhile rested on Mr Herzog's shoulders. Thankfully, the off-beat director stayed true to himself and, indeed, didn't disappoint.

I should point out that Cave of Forgotten Dreams is by no means Herzog's best film, or documentary for that matter and for the uninitiated this might not be the best place to start in terms of watching Herzog's films. That said, it is a great experience and a thoughtful, important film.

At times COFD feels a bit like documentation and I'm guessing that was part of the intention since the titular caves aren't actually open to the general public. The director jumps on the 3D bandwagon but what seemed like an odd move, from the very first shot feels right. The depths of the cave are impressively re-created and you really get a sense of being there.

In many ways, this is a typically Herzoggian experience: soothing voice-over monologues, albino crocs, THAT weird music, crazy old men who think they can smell caves...

Where the film stumbles is mostly when it tries to be overly "arty" in its depiction of the crew's reactions to the cave art. But that's pretty rare.

Overall, one of the only genuinely good films of this year: Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a unique, immersive experience and worth checking out if only for the clever use of 3D.

I do miss those iguanas though...

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