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How do you make a good zombie movie?

For one thing, not having a circus dwarf take a shit in the woods for 10 minutes half-way through your film is a good bloody start! Also, repeating awful jokes again and again doesn't help, as does making your film for £6.95.

To be fair, for such a low budget this is pretty ambitious stuff and some of it works albeit on a very (VERY) trashy level. Made in the UK, Zombie Women of Satan aspires to be a Troma-style Grindhouse gore-fest but falls way short in that it has no real style or at least some good jokes. Instead we've got a lot of terrible actors trying to be funny and 90% of the time failing to do so. Thankfully though, this is quickly followed by ridiculous gore: the film's one saving grace.

The practical gore effects are actually not too bad considering the no budget nature of the film. Also, the idea of burlesque performers fighting zombies is not too bad and there are quite a few genuinely unpleasant, disturbing moments. All that saves the film from being THE worst film I've seen to date...but it's right up there.

Even for bad movie afficionados I wouldn't recommend this one: it's long, tedious, tiresome, stupid and mostly unfunny. Plus the creepy bits make it an even less enjoyable watch which'll leave a bad taste in your month long after watching it.

Shame, it was a good title...

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