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Pregnant man movies are never as good as their one poster joke. Junior had Arnie pregnant, Rabbit Test had Billy Crystal pregnant...anything else? Nope. Now we have Marcello Mastroianni pregnant. Yes, the cool Italian guy from all the best Fellini movies. So how does it hold up compared to these other, later efforts?

Well, sadly about the same. Arguably, this is the "technically" better film in that it doesn't try too hard to be hilarious, it just exists. Unfortunately that's also one the film's biggest shortcomings: it really doesn't try anything. It's like whoever comes up with these pregnant man movies just wrote "pregnant man" on a piece of paper and handed it to the director: "make this!".

Why not just make like a hilarious version of La Dolce Vita where Mastroianni's going to all these parties...but he's pregnant? Stylistically, at least, it would be fun. But no. A Slightly Pregnant Man spends a lot of time building up to the guy being pregnant, then a LOT of time showing the guy enjoy his new found fame and then, in one of the biggest cinematic let downs ever, it turns out, after all that's happened...

He's not pregnant.


Talk about a ripoff. I mean, if you're making a one-joke movie, if your film's premise only really has ONE interesting thing about can't just take that away from us right at the end! What's left afterward? People talking in a hair salon: fan-tas-tic. They don't even explain it either, he's just...not pregnant. And we're meant to understand. Seriously? After an entire hour an half? And then the film ends.


Had the film been building up to some kind of satisfying conclusion, even a cheesy one, I would have recommended this as the only watchable pregnant man movie. As it stands though, the ending is such a monumental fail that although it's more of a film than the other two pregnant man movies, at least Junior has Arnie in a dress. So that's a second joke right there.

Don't bother.

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