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One piece of advice: don't watch May during a meal if you want to keep it down. Not that it's particularly gory or gross or anything, it's just that it's disturbing enough to put you off your food. There are twisted films and then there's this type of film: films which thrive on how unpleasant they gradually become.

What's May like? Lets see...

Think Eagle vs Shark directed by Lars Von Trier in full Antichrist mode and you've got more or less the type of nastiness May has to offer. The character's slow but inevitable descent into complete madness is one that's both fascinating and repulsive: you can't take your eyes off her no matter how horrible things get.

You've got self mutilation, blind kids cutting their hands on glass, some creepy doll, Anna Faris as some vacant and less-than-subtle crazy lesbian, bloody serial killings and a generally cruel, foul atmosphere. You care about May but at the same time, if she was YOUR friend you'd run for the hills. Man, what a creep.

Angela Bettis is impressive as the titular wacko, Faris is, as ever, very convincing as an intensely annoying bitch while Jeremy Sisto is great as likeable jerk Adam: a guy who may be cruel in essence but who you can identify with. His reactions to May's psychotic turns are highlights.

Overall, May isn't a film you'll forget in a hurry: it's stylish, funny, clever, insane, disgusting, horrible, unpleasant and will appeal probably much less than it will repel. That said, those with an unquenchable thirst for weirdo horror flicks will find loads to enjoy here.

Great soundtrack too.

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