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Robert Downey Jr should be in every movie. Even as an extra or something: just there. His impressive comeback is no huge surprise in that he is one of the best actors working today but it is very welcome. A film like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, without him, would no doubt had been forgotten and left for dead...especially with THAT title!

Thankfully though, there's life in this old dog yet. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang stars Downey Jr as a petty thief turned actor turned detective who gets entangled in a twisted Raymond Chandler-style story that's actually kind of hard to follow...but then again so was The Big Sleep. We're introduced to this world by a terrific self-conscious voiceover courtesy of Downey Jr himself and although the film's unique tongue-in-cheek style is a tad jarring at first you soon get into it and join the gang on their wacky adventure.

The film itself is stylish, fun, clever, entertaining and very funny. Downey Jr and Val Kilmer make a good double act as they argue like an old married couple throughout while at the same time being inseparable. Director Shane Black is no stranger to action buddy comedies, being responsible for the Lethal Weapon franchise, and it shows: this is an old-fashioned type of comedy but with a fresh, modern twist.

Unfortunately Kiss Kiss Bang Bang isn't the most memorable film you'll ever see but while it lasts this is a very enjoyable little ride with Downey Jr and Kilmer on top form.

Gotta hate that title though.

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