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The prospect of Mark Dacascos kicking zombie ass in a post-apocalyptic city in an I Am Legend B movie was almost too glorious to put into words. Sadly, the only ass I ended up kicking was my own, for putting myself through such a dull, sluggish watch.

Production company The Asylum have had the odd nice, creative surprise: Sherlock Holmes battling dinosaurs being one of the highlights. Here though, they've somehow managed to make a sci-fi epic with a martial-arts master fighting zombies about as boring and uninteresting as it could possibly get. An achievement in itself? Yeah...

The sad thing is that had the film stuck to Dacascos and the creepy army guys things could have potentially become somewhat entertaining but Jennifer Lee Wiggins' insufferable tacked-on love interest, which comes in about halfway through, is just a pain to sit through. The bad acting coupled with the annoying little comedy routines she gets with Dacascos are definitely not the film's shining moments.

Admittedly Geoff Meed's red-neck wacko army dude brings some fun to the proceedings, especially when he loses it near the end but even his spot-on hamminess can't save this cinematic snooze from feeling inexistant.

I'm no I Am Legend fan but you know what...check it out. At least it's not I Am Omega. Actually, forget both and just watch Vincent Price fight zombie/vampires in The Last Man On Earth, now THAT's how you do a post-apocalyptic supernatural horror thriller with only one main actor. Should be re-titled I Am Last Man On Earth, maybe THEN people will finally watch it!

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