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You never forget your first talking horse movie...

Which is a shame because this really is one to forget. Although parts of it are actually so idiotically absurd they actually become almost funny. Just watching a dying talking horse voiced by Burgess Meredith pour his heart out to a talking horse voiced by John Candy while another talking horse watches The Three Stooges on TV with Bobcat's brain-damaging stuff but has some kind of entertainment value (the horse kind).

Now I have nothing against Goldthwait, he was always a good side character to have around in films like Police Academy or Scrooged but an ENTIRE film of him talking like a stressed-out That was something. I think about halfway through my ears actually defecated.

Such a weird mix of people involved as well: you've got Virginia Madsen (Sideways, Candyman, Highlander 2) as the obligatory love interest, Candy, Meredith, Gilbert Gottfried as a last-minute dentist and Danny Elfman doing the music. Elfman's score is about as annoyinglty cartoonish as it gets and coupled with Goldthwait's barks and all these talking animals it all makes for headache-inducing stuff.

The film itself is the typical 80's comedy template: evil boss wants revenge over some clutzy dumbass employee but something (in this case: horses) keeps getting in the way...and hilarity ensues.

(or so it should...)

Hot To Trot is a film you'll regret watching almost instantly but at least you would have seen talking horses with your own eyes. There are a couple of entertaining bits here and there but overall this is an insufferable, chaotic, unfunny mess which will leave you feeling slightly dumber.

Oh, there's a talking horsefly also voiced by Meredith: it's adorable.

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