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Although there never was a fake trailer for this one, Hell Ride is indeed a worthy addition to Tarantino and Rodriguez's Grindhouse. After zombie movies, Mexploitation films (Machete) and car chase movies we get this biker flick which comes with QT regulars Michael Madsen and David Carradine but with added Dennis Hopper and Vinnie Jones.


The result? Nothing sensational but it fits very nicely in between Planet Terror and Death Proof in that it contains the overblown silliness of Robert Rodriguez films and the style, dialogs and cool of QT's films. Of course, this being made by Larry Bishop it never achieves the highs of both directors but it makes a fair attempt nonetheless.

Somewhat underrated, yes Hell Ride is big, lumbering, confused and dumb but...hello? That's the point. It's a 70's style biker flick! Of course you need lots of ladies in hot pants, gratuitous nudity, unmotivated biking, a trippy magic mushrooms scene and nonsensical dialogs! I would have been disappointed if the whole thing had made perfect sense!

If you allow yourself to get into the spirit of things, Hell Ride is a really fun movie: you've got Vinnie Jones hunting people down with an arrow gun, Dennis Hopper getting pissed on, Michael Madsen referencing owls, David Carradine saying the words "business" and "Johnny" way too many times, Larry Bishop spending half the movie getting laid and the other half saying the word "fire"...and much more!

Basically, if you're familiar with biker movies like Easy Rider and you enjoy the type then you'll enjoy this. If you liked Grindhouse, chances are you'll also get a kick out of Hell Ride.

And yes, it's better than Death Proof.

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