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From Richard Pepin, director of the Cyber Tracker movies, comes this ambitious disaster...thriller in which LA is pretty much destroyed by some big-ass earthquake. Is it any good? Lets find out.

The film actually starts off as some kind of spy thriller with Gary Daniels stealing some files and microchip off some big company in order to sell it to some bald Russian mobster. But this undercover FBI agent (played by consistently rubbish Traci Lords) manages to arrest him. So far so thriller but then Jeff Fahey shows up and there's an earthquake that NEVER ends! Could this film be getting awesome?

No, not quite. The whole thing is pretty clumsy throughout: the acting ranges from awful (Lords) to good (Fahey), the effects range from lame (a sex scene in which obviously the actress refused to be naked so they only show her face and some unknown stunt-boob lady's body) to surprisingly decent (buildings falling apart etc.) making for a pretty uneven affair. The ending is also laughably cheesy.

It's a shame Pepin isn't good at telling interesting stories because otherwise, Epicenter is pretty Ok. It feels about 3 hours long but that's only because it's essentially 2 movies in one, like Octopus. Way too long is spent with Daniels and his dull microchip subplot no-one cares about but when the car chases and quake happen, this is a lot of fun.

So yeah, no masterpiece and overall quite clunky but ambitious and, most importantly, NOT a Terminator ripoff lol

Good effort Pepin.

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