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Also known as "Dummy", Triloquist wants to be a cross between Child's Play and Richard Attenborough's Magic but feels more like a funnier version of Freeway or a no-budget Tarantino/Rodriguez effort with Tim Burton supervising. Weird, twisted but decidedly cool randomness.

From the offset it's clear that this won't be the kind of film where a lot of time is spent trying to explain the most ludicrous plot points. Why can that dummy talk? No idea. It just can. Fair enough I say! The prospect of spending half an hour sitting there as some kind of unlikely ancient Aztec curse or whatever is unraveled was a bit grueling.

The dummy itself is however upstaged by his lunatic "sister". Payden LoPachin steals the show as a sexy, heartless serial killing machine even the murdering dummy is scared of! She is as unpredictable as it gets and decidedly insane.

Part road movie, part black comedy, part serial killer horror film, Triloquist is an anarchic creation which should be rubbish but is actually, strangely rather good. Admittedly it is also pretty disturbing and the more sensitive viewers will be left with a sour aftertaste. For everyone else though, if you don't mind a bit of blood, torture and incest: you'll have a ball!

No Oscar-winner but a lot of fun. Recommended.

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