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This cliché-ridden thriller co-penned by Luc Besson may not be great poetry, it may not have one drop of originality flowing through its veins and it may not be particularly memorable...but it does have Liam Neeson kicking major ass in a way rarely seen from him since Darkman.

The film itself has the same plot as, say, every B movie thriller ever made: ex badass loses daughter to gangsters, has to get her back, goes on rampage. If you've seen any Steven Seagal film, Commando or even Edge of Darkness, then you'll know the score.

And as clichéd and predictable as it is, it's all worth it to see Neeson electrocute a guy to death and deliver Clint Eastwood-style tough guy lines with an effortless grumble.

Brainless but strangely satisfying fast-food action cinema. 

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