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A film adaptation of the classic video game seemed pretty straightforward on paper: a bunch of freaks from all around the world get together and fight in the streets of wherever. All the film had to do was to find lookalikes and a reason for all the characters to get together. Instead, we got Van Damme...

The casting of the colourful bunch is more miss than hit with some looking nothing like who they're based on (Ken, Blanca, Guile), some barely existing (Dhalsim, Vega) and others looking the part but so Americanized they might as well all be called John Smith. Raul Julia is hammier than he's ever been and looks ridiculous but delivers some of the silliest lines ever with style and gusto. Van Damme is as grating as ever and his childish, airhead Guile is impossible to relate to or take seriously for a second. Especially with Kylie "Spinning Around" Minogue as his sidekick.

This is about as misguided as a game-to-film adaptation can get and Mortal Kombat, with all its flaws, horrendous techno music and dire effects, feels like a Fellini film next to this. With a plot which makes no sense, painful acting, corny jokes and one liners, abysmal editing and direction not to mention face-palm-worthy writing, Street Fighter is one of those turkeys you can watch and feel somewhat entertained by but feel dirty afterwards.

Much like with Super Mario Bros (light years better than this, btw), fans of the game tore their eyes out when the film came out and rightly so: this is about as faithful to the game as Pretty Woman was faithful to Ms Pac Man.

Still, if you're into bad movies, this is at the very least a fun one to check out. Besides, kids will no doubt enjoy most of it. But I will warn you again: Van Damme's in it... 

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